My family recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Tilghman to find my dad, who is 84 years old, a new place to live. He was in an apartment that he was not happy with and could not decide whether to move to a Senior Living Complex or to purchase a home. After thinking about it and discussing with the family, he really wanted to purchase a home, so we enlisted Jennifer’s help. She listened to him about what he was looking for and what his needs were. She also listened to my family’s concerns and what we wanted for my dad. During the process of looking at houses she took all of our concerns into consideration, and when my father became overwhelmed at the idea of purchasing a home “this late in the game,” she assured him that he could take his time – she was there “not to sell a house” but to help him find what would work best for him. Jennifer made the process as easy as possible, while also making sure that whatever his decision, he would be happy with it. She also reassured the rest of the family that this was normal because it was a big decision for him, and that he may change his mind several times so what he needed was patience from everyone. She never pressured him or us, and walked with us each step of the way. We asked several questions throughout the process and she provided clear answers and made sure we all understood. She in turn asked the family questions, and got background information on my dad to ensure she was meeting his needs and concerns.

My dad eventually found the ideal house and to this day is happy that he made the decision to buy. Best of all, Jennifer found a house that met his needs, is in very close proximity to his children and is affordable for his income.

Jennifer truly cares about the wants and needs of the Senior Client, has the patience and compassion to work with them as well as their families, and understands that moving to a Senior Apartment, Senior Assisted Living Facility or purchasing a home are all major transitions for Seniors. She understands that they need extra care and attention in these times. I am excited that Jennifer has completed her certification because I believe without a doubt that this is her passion.

— Denise